Sufferings was a bad day. yue li was very idiotic at recess today. i was scanning my comp for spywares and she said it was not constuctive work, and I must close my PC. i did not. if i made it standby mode immediately, it would damage the PC's software. yue li obviously did not noe tt and jus kept telling me to shut down my PC. so i asked for 1 min to close all programs and to switch to standby mode safely. but she would not listen, and kept forcing the lid of my PC down. so i resisted and pushed up. in the end she gave up and burst into tears. typical.

aft all tt, i thought she would complain to ms wong, but she did not. i was actually prepared to argue with miss wong if she brings me out to scold me, as i was scanning my comp, which was not playing, and was trying to shut down the comp safely.

got lots of homework. dont noe how to finish all of them with art. i hate art. i wana drop it. i would like art more if mr rambutan switched with mr chng.

BB parade. so sianz. we practiced the commands and learnt how to march here and there. i stamped till my left foot became sore. and after BB drill we did not even get to play a match in soccer. all we did was do soccer drills. then we sang the vesper, falled out and went home. worse still, it began to rain when i was walking to clementi MRT station. idiotic. and i did not have an umbrella. so i had no choice and walked to the station, ignoring the rain. i hoped my PC won't get short-circuited. when i reached home, i ached from head to toe. i had to carry the PC bag, plus the plastic bag which contains all my BB things and my school bag.

showered in cold water. and now im typing out this post. gota go eat my dinner. and support me by tagging my board. Simple plan rox.