Sports Day

Its another normal day. Well, not quite. today is Sports Day, the day which competitive ppl like yanling sweat it out with others on the track. And also which ppl like me jus sit there and watch. Or play. Which type of ppl are better off? i think my type. we sit in the shade, chatting, drinking, eating, playing simple games. Some even go to the extent of listening to Mp3s. We get entertainment from watching the competetion, and maybe cheer a little.

Ok, maybe i sound mean, but this is my view. Im a lazy person. Now, lets go back a few hours before the Sports Day begun.

Went to sch. home econs. recess. came back. end of recess. this is the interesting part. miss wong popped a head into the classroom and asked xiaotian, junneng, jason, chi ho and me to go out with her. we shuffled out of the classroom and sat down on some benches outside. i wondered what was going to happen. she came straight to the point. " why do you all call weiche names?"

then she interrogated us one by one. by the way, if u didnt noe, weiche is a student who had unpleasant looks whom junneng called Saibu. she was not pleased on how we tease her. ( we used to shout SAIBU ALERT! when she was nearby) We argued that we treated her like that because of her attitude. she would be very arrogant. she would only listen to girls, but nvr boys. she would be very rude. she would jump to conclusions without finding out the truth. So we argues until Miss wong was very exasperated. heh could not outfight us. so we came to an agreement that we should call her by her proper name and treat her as an equal for 1 month. if she dosnt, we will revert back and she would be allocated to sit in a corner of the class.

so we went back to the class very satisfied, or at least me. we also wasted 45 mins of Project Work period! yeah. shiok. this is called killing two birds with one stone.

okok back to the Sports day.

aft sch. xiaotian agreed to treat five ppl to lunch at KFC. he is a generous guy, unlike me. we agreed on treating xiaotian, junneng, jason and cherxu. then in the end junneng went to mdm katijah tay's to do duno wat crap. probably about chemistry file. so we waited for half an hour. i sian liao so we started off without junneng and kiann an came instead. then i called him on mobile. he said he will reach us in 15 mins time. 3 bus 96 came and gone. aft 6 mins i cant tahan any longer at the bus stop, so i called him tell him we are going. aft we reach KFC for about 3 mins, junneng, joshua and chiho came. he scolded me for not waiting. aiya is he so slow wad. he told me he waited for taxi instead of taking 96. OMG! three 96 passed and he waited for taxi. lamer? so we ate a meal of chicken. nice. family meal. 10pc chicken i think. then we walked to clementi stadium.
wa races begin! nice. our class girls pro. at first yihua 3rd last, then got overtook and became 2nd last in the first 400m. then nxt round jeraldine is like an update of system. she is about 40% faster than yihua. aft 400m again, the baton is passed to yanling. WOW! the super scorching broadband internet gateway. she chiong like crazy and became 2nd or 1st. pro. she was running like hell. and she got a medal. nice. made of pewter.
then the teachers also run in another race. wa our com lab techer pro man. he was the fastest among the teachers. he sprinted the whole relay without stopping at full speed. got one teacher ran halfway and fell down. so sad. lin lao shi was a sorry sight. she ran but i think got too much air resistance (lol) Mr Tan the rambutan came last. he said he went last because he didnt want to give his class pressure, later they upset. yea right. he also say when he was last he used his internal power (nei gong) and hit the teacher, so the teacher fell down. lame? but then joke la. quite funny then anyway. boys arm wrestled the whole time. think some girls cried cos we nvr cheer. but our class won anyway.
sky became overcast. we had CIP to do. damn. 30 mins. we were supposed to walk around to pick litter. but xiaotian and i jus walked 1 round around the track talking. lol. aft that we went home. kaiwei and I took 188. saw jieying, weiche and jeraldine on the bus. it was very crowded. when i alighted, i saw the idiotic sec 2 councellor alight with me. was my eyes playing tricks? im not sure.. but whoever she was, she did glare at me though.

this is the end of the summay of this day. thank you for your kind attention. have a nice day.