This has been a week. I have not enjoyed myself like this in ages. On Wednesday, I went to a restaurant in Copthorne Hotel to eat with my relatives. My uncle treated us as it was his birthday and so-and-so organization he subscribed for gave him a $100 voucher. Cool huh. It was a 6-course dinner, complete with desserts. Sad, that they dont sell fried icecream there. When we were going home on the car, my mother suddenly suggested to go to IMM to shop. We all agreed after few minutes of argument of watching TV. Our arrival was around 9 then. IMM closes at 10, so we had an hour. I went to Best Denki(as per normal) to look at the PCs and Laptops there. There was this cool looking PC with silver casing and grooves and was water-cooled. Wow. But the price was not wow at all; it cost $4000+. Crazy ah. I can make a top range PC with $1500. With $4000, I can make 2. But it is Windows XP MediaCentre edition lah. so can't blame them.

On thursday, I went to my parent's friend's house for popiah. Uncle Ding-fu(that is my father's friend) ordered 2 pizzas from Canadian Pizza and got 2 free. SO shiok. There were also two big packs of Ruffles Chips. By the way, their family surname is Tay. After I ate my fill, I played NFS Underground 2 on PS2 with my friend, Zhe-min(that is Ding-fu's son), the older brother of Zhe-wei. I was not used to racing with a controller, so I banged quite a few times. I normally lost to him by around 1 or 2 seconds. We moved on to playing Dragon-ball Z with Wesley(small kid of 10, I think. He is another of my parent's friend's son who came) I trashed him with Goku and Vegeta, but the Tay bros trashed me. We played the PS2 until dinner, when we ate the remaining pizza. We then went home.

I started playing GunZ again. 3 days of hardwork turns me into lvl 10 today. Wahaha. But now duno what avatar to buy with 2k bounty. Pls help