The EOY Holidays

Sorry that I have not been posting again. Once again, the "holidays" have arrived. The teachers (a certain one whom I do not care to mention his/her name)took advantage of the fact that they will be teaching us again in the coming year, by giving us loads of homework. I accept the fact that we are already in secondary school, and we are suposed to have more homework. Okay, so holidays got homework. But December holidays? Supposedly, we are to enjoy the end of the year, the celebration of Christmas and the coming of the new year. And they spoil everything by giving us this kind of ****. It is like, Oh Yeah, EOY hols! Christmas! Presents! Then suddenly the whole load of work pile up. We are NOT even supposed to get homework for this holiday. If it is June or whatever, it is understandable. Wang Jun has kindly defined the term Holiday in his (very) previous posts.

And to top is all off, today I wasted the WHOLE beautiful Saturday by going to school for open house today. And word is that we are to stay there from 8am to 5pm. What kind of crap is this. And what do we do? Appointed to stand in the sun and wave to cars coming in to Nanhua, driving P Sixes in. Wa lao! In full Boys brigade uniform, under the ten o clock sun, go stand at the slope of the driveway. See how you feel like for 10 mins. Chiho, Joshua, Keith, others and iIhad to stand for 1 plus hour. Cool huh. Meaningful activity? And then I really did not want to stand anymore, so we(Chiho and I were standing together) went to the table where Daniel was on ''duty". he was sitting there and chatting with other Boys Brigade boys while we were dying. We went and sat next to him. Soon, we were trying to recite out advertisements(eg: Jessica Alba! Isn't she your favourite star? or Put the lime in the coke you nut. or Wang wang pao pao guo dong zhen de hui shen qi!) Well, you get the idea. Then we began slacking around. Some sec 2s tell us to go back on duty, but we also did not care much. They were also slacking around. At around 12.30 we ate lunch(provided by the Japanese Stall, free, for everyone hosting Open house). I also got all my badges except Community and Drill badge. These two things are the only memorable events today.

After lunch, further slacking. Joshua and I started walking around and around the school. At 3.45, we falled in and were given instructions to clear the hall and bring the tables and chairs back to canteen. Wa lao! Not even we use, we need to go clear up. No CIP too. Sigh. I really regretted coming. Wei Jie talked a lot of crap as usual and kana pump by Mr Edmund Ng. Then he stayed in pumping position and he was instructed to tell us a story. He told us about 3 little Pigs.(Forgot the names the pigs were given. but it was very funny) The first pig got some cash, so bought a straw HDB to live in. The second pig got credit card, so went and bought a stick condo to live in. The third one got a cheque, so he went and bought a brick bungalow to live in. Then there came a wolf called Sasha(I have no idea why a wolf was given a puppy's name). He wanted the straw HDB, so the first pig was very scared and ran to the second pigs stick condo. Sasha then thought the straw HDB was too weak, so he wanted the stick condo for himself. So the first and second pig ran to the third pig's brick bungalow. The wolf later wanted the brick bungalow because the stick house got termites. But the brick bungalow was too strong, so he climbed up the roof and went down the chimney. Just right, the third pig put a toilet bowl under the chimney and just did his business. So he flushed and just then, Sasha fell into the toilet bowl and got flushed away and drowned.

We kept laughing uncontrollably. Mr Ng then wanted him to add some romance into the story, so Weijie said the wolf's daughter went to the brick bungalow and begged the third pig to give him a proper burial. If he did so, she would marry him. And they married and lived happily ever after. Then some guy asked how they made love. Mr Ng told him to come out and down 20. he did 20 in a very short time. I guess he normally also crapped alot so got used to punishment.

Anyway, we went home at 4.30. I and a guy(forgot name)walked together to MRT. We had nothing much to say to each other. I liked comp, he like soccer. But we still discussed about holiday, results, likes, dislikes whatever.

Altogether, it was a lousy day. I think spending the whole day playing computer would be even better. And I have not said my reason for not posting for so long. I had been editing the Windows theme. Now my desktop looks like a Mac OS X. I even downloaded a Mac Dock. But I am done with it now. And my speaker plug spoiled. It became bent. I think I pulled too forcefully last time. Now I sometimes hear static at songs more to the rock side. Especially the cymbals. So my combo is broken. I used one Harmon Kardon speaker and combined it with a sub from ''e'' speaker and the bass woofer. Sian. Really bad holiday. Xiaotian is now at China. Also cannot contact him. Oh and he want the beach photo from whoever have it, pls send to him.