Two miracles happened today. Xiaotian with my persuasion decided to update his blog. After updating, he edited his template codes. He added links and a tag-board. And he became so obsessed that he went to Blogskins.com to search for a skin. He made a very good choice: a Porche skin. You readers should go visit(www.lasercombo.blogspot.com). Lol i am helping him advertise.

Junneng also approched me to help him make a Warcraft 3 skin, but I wanted him to pay me $10, so he went to find Wang jun. Wa lao, such a miser. He know very well im in a debt of $54.90 with Xiaotian because I lost his Battlefield 2 CD and he can't be more generous.

Two people who have never blogged for half a year, have went back to blogging! So two miracles(diao -.-'' i know).
Sigh, GunZ level 13.5, and I bought a Zaurus A x2 pistol. Not bad la, but I can't help wanting a Breaker. Kind of regretting.

Now starting to update Friends list.