Ngee Ann City

Yesterday I woke up at 8am. I finally had a dream. It was very weird. I was in a wooden elevator and suddenly the door opened. A large number of people kept coming in. Even until the elevator was full, people still kept coming in and the elevator alerted us that it was overloaded. But apparently nobody cared and kept squeezing in. I was pushed into one corner and squashed. Then the lift rope broke and the elevator went down the shaft, and I woke up. I washed up and then ate breakfast before calling Xiaotian to wake him. He always sleeps so late and wakes up so late. We discussed about the time to meet at Jurong East to go to Orchard, as we were going to Ngee Ann City to fix his Fujitsu T4010. One of the service centres was located there and it was the nearest. The second nearest was Henderson Road.

When I reached Jurong East at 10.20am, I was shocked at Xiaotian's taste of clothes. I wore an OP Tee and long jeans(typical la) while he wore a shirt which seemed too small and tight for him, and a formal black pants with belt. He said that this is to expose his sexy body shape. I said that he looked more like someone going for a wedding or a computer repair man(he was carrying an IBM laptop carrying case) with no money to buy new shirts that fitted him.

We planned to take the green line there and change train, but when we reached Clementi, we decided to take the red line as we thought it would be nearer. And we rode back to Jurong East and changed to red line again. It took us about 1 hr to reach Orchard. After walking around in Wisma Atria, we could not find any access to Ngee Ann City, so we went back underground to the MRT and took elevator up to the main road and from there we walked to Ngee Ann City, which was just right beside Wisma Atria.

Taking the lift to the 5th level, we walked around for 10 minutes to find the Fujitsu repair shop(#05-06), but to no avail. By the way, you should take the lifts instead of the escalators. They are extremely high-class, not unlike hotel lifts. When we became tired of walking around in circles, we checked the level plan of the 5th Storey and saw the Fujitsu Shop right beside Best Denki.

The shop was very spacious and futuristic. Lined alongside the walls were laptops on display, and our T4010 was also there. Xiaotian took a ticket with the number 008 and we sat down on the couches there in front of the 'stalls' where the person attending to you would sit and you sit opposite. Soon after, it was Xiaotian's turn, as there was only one customer apart from us. He took out his PC and warranty form and gave to the person attending to us. She was quite young, around her mid to late twenties and she had quite heavy makeup and dyed her hair brown, with a thin highlight strip in blue. She looked not bad and Xiaotian thought she was very pretty and had a sweet voice. I agreed with him that her voice was pleasant. The problem with Xiaotian's comp was that when it started up and showed the Fujitsu logo, it would hang and started beeping continuously. And on rare occasions it would startup to the login area, but the keyboard would auto-type the password so rapidly that he could not backspace or login. The girl said that the computer would need at least one day to be ready. I think that worse come to worse, a new harddisc would be needed, so it would probably cost around $150+ or so, including GST, and all those crap.

After Xiaotian gave her his contact number and left the computer with her, we went to Best Denki and looked around. He wanted to see the Video Camcorders on sale because he wanted to buy one. Crazy guy, already in debt of about $1500 with his parents for buying the computer and 5.1 speakers, now still want to buy 1k plus video cam. We also browsed around the desktops, and saw the water-cooled computer again. Very cool. Xiaotian asked the person at the video cam desk some information about cams and he recommended two JVC Hard-disc video cams, currently the only harddisc video cams on the market. It is good as there isn't a need to buy storage media such as Cds, DVDs or Cassette tapes to store the video recorded. The bad points of DVD is that after using the 4GB of space, it would take 5 mins to finalize the disc, so you cannot record continuously, like for example, in a lecture. In the JVC video cam's case it would be stored in a 20GB or 30GB harddisc, depending on your budget. The two cams even come with built-in LED lights for darker conditions. Xiaotian thanked the guy and said he would wait for more manufacturers to make Harddisc Video cams so the prices will drop, as there will be more competition. The price for the video cams are about $1600 and $1800 respectively, where normal DVD video cams are priced around $1200. On the way out, we spotted some Fujitsu desktops. The design is horrible and extremely old-fashioned. All plastic and cheap-looking. People who buy Fujitsu desktops are idiots. I suggest Fujitsu to concetrate on fully manufacturing laptops. They are just wasting their money. They suck in desktops, while their laptops are in the top 3 brands in the world.

We then went to Seoul Garden to eat lunch. $10+ for both of us students plus Ginseng Chicken soup and GST amounts to about $28.95. Wondering why such a miser like me decided to spend so much on lunch? Xiaotian was sponsoring me so I only paid $5 for the meal. Haha. When we were going to take some meat to eat, a man told Xiaotian to go and take a new spoon for him. Orignal words: "Hey Waiter, get me a spoon." Hahahahaha! All because of his clothes. Stupid sia. Come to think of it, he really looked like a waiter. After eating till half-full solely on meat, we started making soup. We put in meat, vegetables, mushroom, yong tao fu etc. and it turned out not bad, but not as nice as last time's. It was a pity as we were too full to finish the soup.

Then it was time to go Jurong Point for arcade. Xiaotian did not want to take MRT, as he thinks that buses have more powerful air-con systems. He claimed that he knew the bus-stop for taking 174 to Jurong Point but in the end we walked one whole round and ended up at the same place we started. But we took the other bus-stop with 174 which goes to OutramPark and took MRT. What is the difference of taking MRT from the start. Stupid. And we wasted 45 min from walking around and waiting for bus.

When we reached Jurong Point, we went to the arcade and played Daytona. Xiaotian played a 18-wheeler game first, as there were no vacant seats. After gaming over for thrice, we played Daytona, and I won him for the first time. Haha. Although his skill deproved after playing the 18-wheeler, I think my gearing skills have improved.

We then went to Courts and look around because very sian and soon after, we went home, as it was becoming late. We chatted for a while and the MRT before parting.

This post is so damn long. First time lol. The reason I blogged today is that I played GunZ yesterday to level up. Today when I become 15 I will buy Walcom Warrior 77 for $2800. K bye I am going to return books for library. 4 days overdue, and it is raining soon. But I might play GunZ first. Bye