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Hm what did I do today so far. Woke up at 8, ate at nine. Oh ya, and I also did my homework. You must be wondering why I suddenly became so guai-1. Aiya I am just acting la, because I want to show my parents that I am well-behaved, am a matured young person already, so that they do not need to worry after me etc etc etc. But thats not the real reason haha. The real reason ah, is to let me go out to Ngee Ann City tomorrow with XT. He said that his Fujitsu comps at home all system crashed liao. He claims that there is a Fujitsu Service Centre there. If he is mistaken I will bash him up. Ngee Ann City is not a short distance away from my house you know. Like from Bukit Gombak Station all the way to Orchard. But never mind, he is sponsoring me lunch in Burger King :)

Just played GunZ. I leveled up again to 13, and bought my Military Sword and Walcom s5 x2 submachine gun. Played clan war(i belong to the x-slayer-x) with my classmates and I trashed Kaiwei and Kian Ann. I only killed Wang Jun once. Later on I 1v1 Kaiwei in Town and I trashed him again. I also won him with sword when he switched. His excuse is that he was using a touch-pad. That means that he is using his laptop and lost his mouse. Unlikely story, but nevermind, I got plenty of Exp points from him.

He quitted and I Zhen yu invited me to play with him. Wa siao me a lvl 13 play with him? Lvl20 is no joke. His rocket launcher did not help to calm me down either. We started playing swords and i won him 5 times he won me 10 times. Totally trashed. Then I switched to guns and used my new Walcom and trashed him. Haha. He called me a pro man. I feel so honoured. I trashed him so many times that he went out and refused to play with me. Lol.

After he quitted I also did not feel like playing anymore, so I alt+f4 and went to the kitchen and told my mom that I have finished a Math worksheet. Not only did she not praise me but scolded me instead! She said that I am in secondary school already, should know how to think for myself, and told me off. She said my chinese is poor and should spend more time on it instead of calling and playing com whole day. Wa kao! I spent so much time(20min) on math worksheet and so little time on comp(1hr) she still scolded me! It is so unfair. Do you know that if I decide to do homework is considered a very lucky thing for them? It is a extremely rare occurence.

Ok bye I go eat spaghetti liao