Sunday school boring today. We were discussing about Wu Hua Guo Shu(tree that bears no fruit or flowers), and it represents Israel. The teacher said that when Israel makes a comeback(it was defeated by 4 surrounding countries, check the map), then the second coming of Jesus is near. I don't know anything at all, but thought that it would be better for Wu Hua Guo Shu to represent us people. If we accept Jesus as our Saviour and become Christians, then we should repent and do things in the name of the Lord and not stay the same way as before(eg. stealing etc), so that we 'bear fruit'. Aiya very weird la, but anyway enough talk on Christianity.

After Church, some church friends came to my house for bible study, so their kids also came. We ate lunch at hawker centre near my house. Solomon(11 yr old kid, XT knows him very well) played GunZ on my HP Pavilion 723d. Problem is when I try to use my laptop to vs GunZ with him, we would lag, but when we play on separate matches with other people, then nothing would happen. XT said that the GunZ server recognise our IP address, and since they are same(both PCs use the same wireless connection), then we would lag. I thought it made sense. So I forced him to play my account; my eyes would get tired if play too long. So we took turns playing MY account. Haha. He demonstrated to me butterflying, and I showed him my superior gun skills. By the way, he is level 9, and only yesterday I was 2 levels lower than him, but higher than him 1 level today. We fooled around in some gladiator matches and after a very long time, I gained a level to 11. I bought Winter Gloves for extra Armour Points. So far my avatar and weapons are
: Leather Coat, ?? Pants, Climbing Boots, Winter Gloves, Renard SMG, Renard X2 SMG, Rusty Sword, Grenade(3 clips). AP 67 HP 100 WT 97/100.

Since became lvl 11, life became considerably much easier. I am the lowest among the Veteran Channels(11-20), so I wil always kill people hgiher than me, therefore gaining high exp points. I will normally get an 420 or 500+. Cool man. After 30min, my 0% EXP became 54% EXP in Mansion. I also played in a scary map, which XT later told me was Ruins. I have never played it before. It is only meant for people lvl 11 and above, so I have never used it. There, I killed about 3 and died 5 times, while Mansion I killed about 15. I was planning to continue to level up, but wireless kana disconnected, so I got discouraged. Now I am waiting to get lvl 13, to buy Walcom S5, a SMG. It is better than my Renard(duh).

Ok bye I going to sleep my mother is scolding me.